A high percentage of golfers tend to swing to fast thus causing them to be out of balance during the swing. If you think you fall into this category a great drill to build rhythm and tempo in the golf swing, is to place your feet together and practice hitting small shots off a tee with an 8 or 9 iron. You may be surprised how far you can hit the ball with your feet together as you groove your swing. This drill helps you in many ways. It’s a good drill to do every practice session as a warm-up.

This is one of the most popular practice drills, because it is an easy drill to do and yet it does so much for you. Use it as a warm-up or to stay loose on the course during those long waits on the tee.

To improve timing, reduce swaying, and promote good swing mechanics. This drill encourages you to swing within your capabilities. It reduces swaying because of the narrow balance point. If you sway or swing too hard you will almost fall over.

Do the “Feet Together Drill” whenever you start to lose confidence in your swing because of repeated missed shots, or ball flight problems.

To provide a quick check of good swing mechanics. This drill can actually prevent many bad faults from creeping into your swing. On a bad day some players actually use this drill as an emergency fix during a round. They actually move their feet closer together to prevent extraneous body movements that may be causing errant shots, resulting in loss of confidence and wasted strokes.