Laying a solid foundation in Junior Golf

Parents find it necessary to supplement their children’s activity by sending them to one physical activity or another. What better than golf? It is a sport in which the whole family can take part in, gender and age doesn’t matter and it promotes a healthy lifestyle of walking long distances as well as learning a skill.

With the sport of golf gaining in popularity it has become necessary for PGA professionals to offer lessons to individual juniors and groups. The launch of junior golf programmes has proven to be successful and many youngsters have shown enormous progress, enabling them to go into the golf course with their parents thus spending time as a family.

Each child is an individual and needs to be treated as such and although the level of concentration, muscle tone and understanding will vary from child to child the basics of golf remain the same.

Golf as so much to offer junior golfers from hand eye co-ordination to muscle development to being able to spend time on the golf course as a family or in preparation for later in life when the golf course becomes a place of business.

It is important to learn the basics well as to serve as a foundation in order to develop the rest of ones game.