“Andrew has provided me with tremendous help over the last 3 months to perfect my swing and gain distance.

Many visits/lessons to other PGA Professionals has not provided me with the help and support that I have received from Andrew.

His understanding and patience during my lessons has certainly put me on the correct path to reducing my handicap going forward.

This has been a long process over many years in which Andrew has sorted this out in a couple of months.

Andrew you have been a great help to me and highly recommended.”

Peter Griffin

“I had the privelage of receiving golf lessons from Andrew Radford and decided to sign my daugther up for the same as well. I found Andrew very knowledgable, patient and professional.

Apart from improving my game he is also teaching my daughter how to play the game I love so much and she is developing the same alure for the game. His approach is very pragmatic from set-up through to course management and he has a bag full of drills which helps reinforce the correct swing mechanics.

I also enjoy the video analysis tools Andrew uses which realy helps golfers to understand and visualize every segment of the swing. I would highly recommend any golfer who whish to learn more about the game or improve their swing to pay Andrew a visit. I certainly learned a lot and will definately send all my kids to Andrew once they are old enough to play golf.”

Sincerely Yours,
Johnny Brand.

I started having ladies golf lessons with Andrew about a year and a half ago. Starting on the beginners course and then progressing to the immediate ladies lessons. I have a lesson once a week with two other girls. I have always found the lessons to be informative and fun. My golf has improved enormously in this time.

I would recommend Andrew to anyone wanting to have golf lessons.

Liz Behr